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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

I Made Up A Joke

Q: What do you cook on a camp stove?
A: Mince!

(My Twitter pals had to suffer this, so you can too.)


Bwahaha. I had a tweet last fall based on a true occurence: "Eric, I need you to do some more swishing" - my dentist.

One of my friends commented, don't go to the butcher shop, they may ask you to mince!
Your dentist sounds pretty camp himself!
Only my first strike? Must try harder!
I totally blame this crazy heat for the length if time it took for this joke to compute. Lol

Btw- we now have a FAMILY of hedgehogs living in our garden..... a momma and at least 5 babies! Eeek! Cannot believe how lucky we are. Was a literal mine-field of hedgies! All five babies were out, with Momma closeby!

And we might have a second family group on other side of garden! Can not stop bouncing about it!

Oh oh oh, that is so lovely! Have fun watching them! HOGLETS!
One good turn deserves another: Nae mince in Moray ;-)
Pretty much the reaction I was looking for :-)

It's actually quite well constructed and performed, but tricky to follow. I had to resort to the lyrics underneath for some of it.
That took me a few. Had to switch from dirty colonial rebel "english" to the "proper" British English. XD
Subtle yet important differences, yes!
I'm sorry, I'm not getting it.
Ah, thanks! :)
Thanks for the links. I now get it as well, I guess.
Two nations divided by a common language etc...
:) :) :)