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Cat Air

Huskies In Space

I have bought Saturday and Sunday day passes for Loncon 3, since pretty much everyone I've ever met appears to be going. If that includes you, please drop me a comment!

There will be a furry panel (not a euphemism) taking place on, I believe, Saturday at 6PM, in which I will be involved in some capacity, so feel free to come along and ask embarrassing questions.


Hmm - I wasn't, but it's tempting to drop by on Saturday! I'll have moved back in the UK by then. (Though it means I'll be attending three conventions in one month - Wikimania, Loncon and Eurofurence . . .)
It would be lovely to meet you, but we could probably manage it some other time too! (Also, sorry not to have answered your email - it arrived just before I went away for a couple of weeks.)
Well, it's only an hour away from Welling - I might as well drop in to see a Worldcon for myself once in my life.

You really have nothing to apologize for compared to my three month delay. :-) crossaffliction now has similar powers. I've been adding revisions where appropriate and posting stories on Twitter where that wasn't done by the editor concerned. You can see the changes by looking at the diffs.

Things are a bit disorganized right now - I've been busy selling stuff and packing it up to ship home - but hopefully by September I'll be settled in.
You're in Welling? I'm probably about half an hour from you (Forest Hill in SE London)!
34 minutes from me to you, according to Google, if you're where your domain says. (44 the other. I guess it's rush-hour.)

Of course, I don't have a car in the UK, so it'd be an hour and ten on the bus unless I can borrow one and manage to drive it on the right [left!] side of the road. :-)

I'll be there from the 5th, anyway. Still got two weeks of packing, selling and giving away, and a nine hour flight to go!
Good luck!
I will be at Loncon, dropping in on each day, I anticipate...
Excellent - I will hope to catch you at some point.
Going to be there.
Thought ya might be!
In theory I'll be there the whole time, but I'll be commuting from here, so...
Also hopping over daily!
I might! I've been dithering about it for ages.
Me too! It's so close to me, though, it would seem rude not to.
I will be there although we've never met. I'm not sure when, though. I'm not getting a hotel or taking any time off work.
You must be one of my longest-term LJ Friends I've Never Actually Met! Maybe we can fix that.