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Cat Air

It's The Thought That Counts

One of the peculiarities of Calvin, the cat whom I'm sitting, is that after his owners' daughter was born, he started bringing them little presents - either because he felt neglected, or because he doubted their ability properly to provide for their offspring. These gifts have ranged from someone else's Christmas ham to a small bottle of bicycle oil.

This morning, I came downstairs to discover that I was the lucky recipient of a large, raw chicken bone. (God knows where he got it; he probably mugged a fox.)

I am quite flattered, as well as relieved that it wasn't some pathetic partially-dead creature for me to dispatch. Yuk, though.


These gifts have ranged from someone else's Christmas ham to a small bottle of bicycle oil.

*snrk* Bicycle oil. I can understand a ham, but oil? The mind boggles...
His owners were embarrassed about the ham but, as bikers, approved of the oil. Seldom can a cat have brought home something so useful!
It was only last week that, for the first time ever, I saw a cat actually leaving the fabled "present" of a dead animal on it's owners doorstep.
Leaving it on the step is quite considerate - ours preferred the middle of the kitchen floor...
Well the door was closed so it's options were limited. It's one of a few local cats that I seem to have befriended on my many walks to the shops...now I'm hoping it doesn't find out where I live...
As long as it's not a horse's head in the bed, you'll be fine.
Surely only a serious risk if (once?) Maine Coons get even bigger, and Falabellas get even smaller, I'd have thought! Hilarious image... at least until it actually happens.
The part-dead critter angle seems the clearest-cut case whether what's going on in kitty-brain is treating the sitter or "owner" -- i.e., human staff -- like a kitten. They need not just to be brought food, but to learn hunting in "baby steps". How this extrapolates to killing three rabbits per day, eating two (throwing up one of them), and dumping the third in the kitchen, much less to bike oil (handy! accessory *and* a timely maintenance reminder!) I don't think anyone has much of a handle on. Or at least, the more people claim to have a handle, the less I'm liable to believe them.

I also enjoyed the fox-mugging image. Such a rough neighbourhood, even the lone wolves travel in twos.
Word from his owners was 'oh, he does that when he's feeling insecure', so he'd probably picked up on the fact that I was abandoning him to the neighbours overnight...
XD XD Be lucky it wasn't on your chest, at 5 am, and still live. My old Tom did that to my aunt, as retaliation I would think for her nearly shutting him up in the fold-away couch bed thingy as a kitten (and this is why you always check the sheets before folding)

It was a mouse and she SHRIEKED loud enough to wake up everyone, and Tom just sat there looking queerly at her until the mouse ran away again and he took off after it.

Probably thinking "pfft, stupid human can't even kill it right!"

Gracie plays fetch, so I DREAD the time when she catches something live and asks me to play fetch with her with it. Last mouse the "kids" got here was still alive (This was before Grace, sooooo....) and it got caught, cooed at and let outside after a small snack was given to it.

I was very grateful he didn't bring me breakfast in bed, yes! XD
Kitty love is baffling and visceral ;)
*licks lips*

Tasty, tasty viscera!