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This IS me (by schwitters)Default


I am catsitting for friends this week, so I thought I'd post a picture of the boy Calvin, in case any of my readers are partial to cats.

I installed myself last night and was slightly concerned by half eight when cat had not turned up demanding supper. When I investigated, I found him fast asleep upstairs. He's currently out defending his garden from squirrels.



If I had to be a cat, that's the kind of patterning I think I'd want. ^_^ Think I'd prefer to be a bit larger, though - maybe a clouded leopard? Or an ocelot, yes. ^_^
Clouded leopards have lovely coats! (And there's one in my Hot Dish Story, plug plug). I think I'd like to be a classic Siamese, though I do have a soft spot for grey tabbies.
Awwww... he looks a bit like your kitty-beau, Jynge! ;)

Don't worry I will not tell him... your secret is safe with me.

And just like Jynge, he looks like a bruiser but is a big softy :)