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Genitals of the Daleks

I have just returned from seeing 100 glorious minutes of rare Dr Who-related footage at the NFT.

It was nice to see newsreaders and chatshow hosts being all tongue-in-cheek and ha-ha about the programme - and then to see how much, much more kindly the years have treated contemporary Who episodes than 20-year-old editions of BBC Breakfast.

There was some excellent footage of fen at a Stateside convention trying to catch each other out with questions about how many scarf pattern variations were shown onscreen during the Tom Baker years, and a repeat of the BBC's affectionate 1992 documentary which included a showcase of the Brigadier's finest moments and some of the very finest deaths by overacting.

Highlight of the show, though, was a Blue Peter in which the lovely Valerie Singleton shows us how to make a Dalek using only a walnut whip and a marshmallow. The segment ended with two Daleks eyeing the Dalek sandwich and the Dalek swiss-rolls-and-Smarties cake and deciding "The human children will laugh at us! The Dalek tea must be exterminated!"

Heck, it was worth the ticket price to hear a Dalek say "Bollocks!"
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