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Speeding Tickets

Howard and I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed yesterday, since he had free tickets and neither of us had been before. We met in Midhurst, fortified ourselves with coffee and a sandwich, then set off to filter past a couple of miles of queue, arriving in the bike park shortly before midday.

Goodwood sculpture

Our first stop was the aviation area, where we quickly realised we were not the target market for propeller restoration services or a Honda bizjet (put your name down now for delivery 2017, a snip at £5 million).

We moved on to the car manufacturers, who were all keen to show us a good time. My favourite was Ford, who had brought a giant slide:

Ride the Road

closely followed by Infiniti, who were serving a selection of red mixed fruit drinks to promote their Eau Rouge model.

During a wander around the trade stands, Howard bought a new sat-nav and I bought a two-foot wooden meerkat, so at least one of us might be a sucker. Finally, we thought we'd better have a look at some cars.

Old cars! New cars! Shiny cars! Scruffy cars! CARS. (I don't know a lot about cars.) There were bikes, too, and a beautiful reproduction of a Mercedes transporter from the 1950s, when it was used to whisk the Silver Arrows across Europe.

My favourite car, though, was this one:

Wacky Races
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