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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Announcement II: After Dark Edition

sofawolf have opened preorders for the latest volume of their annual erotic anthropomorphic anthology, Heat #11.

Among the stories is one by me, Lines, in which Judi, an out of work badger actress, supplements her income and indulges her craving for an audience by running a sex chat line, posing as different species. Her polecat lover isn't too thrilled about it.

It's illustrated by the talented PegiBruno, who posted this great teaser pic:pegibruno_lines
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Oh, wizard show, what? ^_^

It doesn't seem like there's a digital edition available, but maybe they're just being coy about it.
I don't think they've progressed to that yet, but I believe it's on the road map for the future (it would be a great way to pick up back issues).