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Monocle Husky

Announcement I

Available for preorder from furplanet is ROAR Volume 5. This edition of the furry anthology is themed around 'secrets' and includes my story The Painted and the Plain, in which Pep, a young African wild dog, returns from her first year at university in the city to find things in her village are different. Or is she the one who's changed?

Special shoutouts to le_loup_peint who is Best Painted Wolf, and silverwindblade for letting me use elements of his RPG universe and inspiring the original Pep.

Roar 5 Cover Full Textless Low
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaa...... must get copy!

*shakes her penny jar, then smashes it open only to find buttons*

Hmmmmm.. hopefully will still have copies in a few weeks, as I so need this in my life! You know that I love all of your writings, but this has AFRICAN WILD DOGGIES in it! Soooo excited!

And..... awww.... thank you for the sweet shoutout! ;) ♡♡♡

Well done... so very proud of you!

*lots of hugs*

Thanks! *hugs* Will reply to your txt at an hour when you're more likely to be awake :)