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Muskehound RedCoatCat

Huskyteer Musketeer

Here, have some art. This is by RedCoatCat, who specialises in historic art and does it brilliantly. (Also, her fursona is a Siamese cat - what's not to like?)

Huskyteer by redcoatcat
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That's amazing!
It's a really nice technique - I don't know anyone else drawing in this style.
Truly magnificent!

And I love the different COLOURED eyes... nice touch!

*hugs* and how are YOU?
That is neat :)
It's how I look in my head :)
That is absolutely fabulous. Very distinctive style, and there's so much life to it. Brilliant! (Did you ask for the eyes to be done like that, out of curiosity?)
I'm guessing so, as HT's fursona is heterochromatic.

Apparently this is a Thing among huskies. I'm curious as to what the mechanism for it is. In cats it's often due to the white-spotting gene, where one of the spots coincides with one eye. (I was recently making a tortuous jokes to someone about a white cat with white spots. (All-white cat with odd eyes.))

Oh, and really cool picture! Congrats, and kudos to RCC!

Edited at 2014-06-18 03:09 am (UTC)
Oh, I know about the heterochromatism thing. I was really asking whether it was a request to have the eyes (only) in colour, or whether that particular aspect was an artist's decision. =:)
Optional spot colour on eyes or elsewhere was part of the deal, and I'm really pleased with how it came out.

Border collies also seem to get the odd-eye thing a lot, but I don't know a great deal about it. Have you seen this very striking cat?
Oh, sorry LBB, I getcha, my mistake. :)

Striking indeed! I showed this to a friend tonight and she immediately thought, as I did, of this Trek ep. Just needs a mirror image kitty to go (and contend!) with.
Oh, that is rather spiffy! Pretty much a perfect match for your fursona. ^_^

I do need to get another commission or two, I think. I love seeing new interpretations of me, as immodest as that sounds, written down. ^_^;;
Most of my commissions these days end up being of Lars, my Samoyed pilot, as it seems less vain than getting them of me (and I like looking at hunky Samoyeds) :)
Wow! Very impressive!
I have very little actual Musketeer art, surprisingly - one of the pieces I do have is by you, though! (I think this one takes me up to 3.)
I had to look back when I drew that and it was 2003! Where DOES the time go?!?
OMG, was it? Yes - I can remember adding it to my website when I was living in Lewisham. Yikes.
"During the war...", as we say at work when showing our age!
Ha :)