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Chalk & Cheese

On Saturday, Howard and I joined four other riders from the X9 Forum for a West Country rideout. From the start point at Wincanton we travelled quiet country roads to the coffee stop in pretty Wells, where we had lovely cake and where the Co-Op bank doesn't have a cashpoint, so I had to withdraw cash over the counter and sign for it.

After a showery start, it had kindly stopped raining in time for elevenses. We stopped in Cheddar Gorge for photos, explored narrow country lanes, and enjoyed views of the sunkissed Mendips before descending into the gorge at Burrington Combe. Here the sky darkened again, giving the rock walls a forbidding appearance, and we just beat the rain into the lunchtime pub.

The world stayed dry after lunch, and by the time we reached the final stop, Somerton, it was sunny and warm enough for ice cream outside, opposite the market cross. A varied ride with lots of different roads and plenty to look at, showcasing all that's best in the West.

The next day was Open Farm Sunday. Howard and I managed to pack in a visit to a farm shop, where we saw some delightful Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, a walk in a nature reserve looking for orchids, and finally Somerset Bike Day at Sparkford.

It was all quite tiring, but it seems a good long time since Friday.
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