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Barking Up the Poetree

I am delighted to announce that Apex Magazine has seen fit to publish one of my weird talking-animal poems in its current issue, #61. The magazine is free to read online, though purchasing a digital copy enables the publishers to continue paying people like me (said the hypocrite who has never bought one).

So! Go! Read! (It'll only take a minute.)


Thanks. Welcome back.

I am very chuffed, for a number of reasons. This is my first published poem*, and the first time I have been paid for poetry**. Furthermore, Apex is a reasonably respected name in sci-fi circles. Real writers write for it - like ursulav and, only last month, our own slightlyfoxed. Lastly, I feel as if I'm poking my nose cautiously out of the furry niche*** and into the larger niche of science fiction beyond.

Super thanks to porsupah, who pointed out the call for poetry submissions and shamed me into having a crack at it.

* Unless you count the one my parents sent in to the local paper when I was 7.
** $5.
*** Not a euphemism.
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