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Right Royal Weekend

I spent my weekend in Windsor with yagfox, undertaking an audio recording project of which more, if all goes well, soon.

Such consummate professionals were we that we finished the recording on Saturday (OK, it was a quarter to midnight, and I redid the opening credits on Sunday morning because I was dissatisfied with my pronunciation of the word 'of'), leaving Sunday free to explore the delights of Windsor.

Windsor, and Eton, are delightful indeed, especially in the sunshine. We did not, alas, see the royal corgis going for a walk, but there were swans, and an ice cream van, and a Jack Russell/pug cross puppy who was as cute as a very small button.

Huge thanks to Yag for both hospitality and technical assistance; I recommend him for all your recording and tourism needs.


I will comment here, as posts mentioning me are a death knoll for anybody else commenting! (I am not aspirational company!) Nice to see you again, and will have some edited results available soon! :)

I wouldn't take it personally, nothing gets comments these days except one-word posts! Will pass on any author input I receive.