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I was riding home from karate last night when something struck me on the arm with medium-pebble-size force. Glancing down, I was surprised to find a stag beetle in my lap. (I was going to put 'stunned-looking stag beetle', if only for the alliteration, but it is kind of hard to tell.)

He showed signs of wanting to take off again, so I grabbed him and chucked him in the direction of the verge, thinking this would give him more of a chance than if he dismounted on the right, towards the centre of the road.

Stag beetles are sufficiently uncommon that if you spot one, you are requested to fill in a survey about it. Mine will make fun reading.

I am so glad he didn't go in my helmet.


Yikes! This is their time of year; we always used to see them in June.

Haven't seen one since I moved house.
They really are very stupid and clumsy. I'm amazed they manage to mate.
Good grief! I had no idea they were ever even seen this far north - I'd loosely thought of them as much more likely to be found in the tropics, or at least warm climes. Still, I suppose if they can survive, they'll eventually fulfill their Throbbing Biological Urges™.
They were frequent visitors to my parents' garden in Dorset - usually to be found lying helplessly on their backs, waving their legs in the air.