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On Saturday morning, I got a text from my friend Josie asking if I fancied going to a concert by the London Saxophone Choir the following evening. I had no idea what to expect, but I wasn't doing anything else and I hadn't seen Josie for a while, so I accepted.

It turned out to be a lovely performance, under the cherub-heavy roof of St George the Martyr in Borough. The first half was all preclassical music, of which I knew only Summer Is Icumen In. I love the sound of mediaeval music but I know so little about it, it all just makes me think vaguely of big halls with log fires, jesters, and large hairy dogs. Also Christmas.

The second half then went ultramodern, with five pieces composed by members of the group and performed in public for the first time. The first of these was called The Young Person's Guide to the Saxophone, and I learned the six kinds of sax present, from the tiny, tootling sopranino to the mighty bass. (Josie whispered that there is an even larger and deeper contrabass, and I see from Wikipedia that there's a subcontrabass too.)

It was all so much fun, I could almost forgive them for not playing the theme from The Pink Panther.
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