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Last year, I had a brief respite from unemployment designing this website. When I had finished, we arranged that I would do future updates for an hourly fee.

Last week, an e-mail came requesting that the pages be updated. I replied confirming receipt and saying I'd get round to it as soon as possible.

Last night, this e-mail:
Can you please let me know when you will be able to put the stuff up on our website as the conference literature went out 2 weeks ago and clients are going to the BCR website and its not there!

Leaving aside the missing apostrophe, some points:
  1. I didn't have the information two weeks ago. Who am I, Agent Sapphire?
  2. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. For the rate you offer, I'm not going to put my personal life on hold and jump whenever you snap your fingers.
  3. Although I've told you till I'm blue in the face that I DON'T HAVE MICROSOFT WORD, you insist on sending me Word docs, resulting in a delay while I e-mail it to my work address and take a shufti.

Furthermore, they want to know if I will pop in and show them how to make updates themselves. I am unwilling on several counts:
  1. They are too cheap to buy any software, so I will have to show them how to code raw HTML in Notepad.
  2. They ain't gonna like that.
  3. Nobody in the office knows how to get round their firewall to actually upload files, and I certainly don't.
  4. Sorry to be precious, but that's MY code and I don't want it cocked up.
  5. So basically, you're asking me to deprive myself of a small but profitable sideline?

Ah well, time to stop griping and actually take a look at the updates I suppose...

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