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Long Weekend

The whole office was demob happy on Thursday. Lots of chocolate going around, and an Easter egg hunt. I ended up on my department's team of five, tied together at the wrist (team bonding or team bondage?) to follow a trail of clues throughout the building. I was tied to a very competitive colleague, it turned out, and was slightly afraid I'd lose my hand.

In the evening I went to see mykreeve in the South London Theatre's production of Plague over England, based on John Gielgud's entrapment in a public convenience and subsequent arrest. From Myk's description I'd been afraid it would be rather bleak, but in fact it was very enjoyable with plenty of funny bits. (Myk said afterwards that how funny it was depended heavily on the audience's willingness to laugh.)

On Good Friday Howard and I were heading up to Leeds to stay with his brother and family. I stopped off on the way to have lunch with a friend from the scooter forum who lives near my route. I was running late by the time I reached the A1(M) from the A14, because all along, all along, there were incidents and accidents. Cold and hungry and fretting about being late, I managed to miss both the exit for the services where I was meeting Laurie and the next exit for the slip road that would have taken me back there. I eventually arrived forty minutes after I said I would, to find Laurie patiently waiting and the restaurant packed out with holiday travellers. So Laurie gave me a lift in her car to a nearby garden centre, where I rewarded her for hanging around and then chauffering me by allowing her to buy me lunch.

My route north intersected with Howard's at Doncaster. We had arranged to meet at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum at three, I arrived at five past, and Howard rolled up two minutes later. The museum was small and friendly, and we explored it for a couple of hours before the last stretch of our journey, arriving at our destination shortly before seven. Fifteen minutes later were sitting in the garden drinking wine with ice and making a fuss of the dog.

Having brought our bikes all that way, it seemed a shame not to go for a ride on Saturday. Our goal was Richmond and the Alt-Berg boot factory, whose motorcycle boots come highly recommended, and our route took us via Harewood, Harrogate, Ripon for lunch, and some of the loveliest roads the Yorkshire Dales have to offer, while brown sheep grazed on the hills and the theme tune from All Creatures Great and Small looped in my head. Alt-Berg do custom fittings, but an off-the-peg 6 turned out to fit fine. I wore them home.

On Easter Sunday we piled into the car with a wildly excited dog, and took him for a walk at St Aidan's. There was duck-chasing and paddling (although he's a labrador, he doesn't seem to have worked out how to swim), and plenty of fresh air.

Another aviation museum broke our journey south on Easter Monday, this time the Midland Air Museum. As it was a Bank Holiday, there were many volunteers on hand and lots of cockpits to sit in, including a Vulcan, Lockheed Electra, Hind helicopter, and an Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, a bizarre-looking freighter from 1959 that made me very excited. To complete my joy, I found an A2 mounted photograph of a Viggen reduced to a fiver in the gift shop.

Jet Provost cockpit Zack Group shot
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