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Daily Dogs of My Commute

  • The Fat Basset of Dulwich Park
  • The Smooth-Coated St Bernard in the Distance, Clapham Common
  • The Jogger's Husky on Battersea Bridge
  • The Dog Who Looks Like He's Wearing A False Tail, Chelsea Embankment
  • The Yorkies in the Taxi


Very cute. ;)

*lots of hugs.. and your pupniece sends lots of slobbery slurpies*
*is licked*

This reminds me of the local gangs of mogs. Very often on a morning, I'll meet Barely There (a cat with no ears, one eye, a leg missing and no tail), as well as The Nemesis (my dog's arch enemy) and Ratbag (a cat who's extremely scruffy but very friendly.) :)
Aww, poor Barely There!

My road in Bromley used to be very rich in cats, including a bold ginger one, a sweet old lad who was either three-quarters or entirely blind, and a teenage kitten who was adorable and knew it. I miss them.