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A Day at the FAST Museum

I spent yesterday, which in the south of England was an occasion of glorious sunny weather, at the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum, along with my One Nice Colleague from the six months I spent at D*m*st*c & G*n*r*l, who lives nearby, and Howard, who rode up from Dorset.

There's a nice collection of aircraft and fuselages outside, with a two-seater Lightning trainer taking pride of place at the gate, but the emphasis indoors is on aeronautical science. Cases hold mysterious objects labelled 'TEST FINGER' and 'DO NOT JAR - HANDLE LIKE EGGS'. A vacuum cleaner and a car tyre compressor are used to demonstrate how the altimeter and airspeed indicator in an aircraft work. In the coffee bar, you can watch a DVD of brave pilots engaged in experiments with stall speed, wing design, water rescue, carrier landings and more.

The star of the show, though, is the British Army Aeroplane No 1, with its fifty-foot wingspan, reconstructed from photos of the aircraft in which Sam Cody made the UK's first powered flight in 1908. Here it is (I couldn't resist messing around with iLife's effects panel):

Cody Flyer
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