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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

East Meets West

Last night I dined at East Meets West in the Wing Yip Centre on Purley Way, with nou and pals. Everything was very tasty, even (thanks to the transformative powers of deep-frying) the aubergine. I had a couple of treats which were new to me: preserved eggs (much like regular eggs but blue) and deep-fried lotus root (like a deep-fried thing). The staff were lovely, the place wasn't crowded, and I would eat there again without hesitation.

Since I was in the area, I seized the opportunity to visit IKEA and came away with a tenner's worth of random tat including a pineapple-scented candle and a dragon tree to replace the one that keeled over as soon as I transplanted it from Bromley to Forest Hill.

NB: I've just had to create a 'food' tag, although I already had 'cider' and 'gin'. Priorities, there.


A dragon tree? Sounds like the kind of place Discord would hang out. Or be..

Now, that does sound like a worthy establishment! I might have to try getting down there someday - looks like it'd be easily reachable by train, half an hour out of Victoria. Admittedly, I do wind up trying fewer places than I might like, as I have a couple old favorites that just tick the boxes so well, with good food and beer, and a mellow atmosphere, suited to just chilling out for an evening. (When I go out to eat, it's an all-evening affair)

Mm, I'm reminded of my need to merge some tags - I hit my 4,000 limit a while back, but there are quite a few that could be consolidated, particularly where I've got singulars and plurals for the same thing. I wonder if anyone's written some kind of script to handle that in an automated manner..
I very rarely use tags, because when they came along the thought of retroactively back-tagging all those old entries filled me with horror. Then I hit on the solution of not doing it, and chucking in a few as I went along.

If you do fancy a trip to Croydon, let me know! Wing Yip is a worthwhile destination in itself if you like unusual cooking ingredients (including live crabs).