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Husky Airways

Lars's Bust

Peering in the window of a Birmingham gifte shoppe with eliki and loganberrybunny, I observed that we furries are rather spoiled in the matter of art. Why pay for a generic painting of a cat, when for the same price you can commission one to your exact specifications from one of our fandom's many fine artists?

Recently a furry artist I admire, chewycuticle [some NSFW art], offered a couple of commission slots for small, sculpted busts at a very reasonable rate. I thought it would be rather lovely to get one of Lars Flink, my Swedish samoyed pilot, and I was super pleased with the result:

Lars's bust
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That is absolutely stunning! I remember you told us that you'd hoped to have a sculpture done, or that it was "in progress" and the results really are impressive!
He's a cracker, isn't he? I don't get a lot of commissioned art but I couldn't resist this chance.
He's saying Ad Astra!
GORGEOUS! Congrats on nabbing such an awesome commission!!

Thanks - I can't stop picking him up and looking at all the little details :)

That looks absolutely fantastic! Yes, I remember you mentioning that it was in progress -- and it was certainly worth the wait. =:D
Definitely! He's small but perfectly formed :)
chewycuticle [some NSFW art]



That's a really nice piece of work. I'm a bit surprised, really, how rare sculptures seem to be in furrydom - not that many furry artists seem to work in physical media, particularly 3D.

I'd say I'd like to try obtaining such a commission myself, but I suspect the next few months will have plenty of financial diversions as is, between Grillstock (a weekend of rockabilly, blues, serious BBQ, beer, and cider - really, what's not to love?), a tentative rabbiteering trip to Skomer, getting the iPhone 5s paid off, and now all the proofs being ordered for the site..

Ah well. Someday. Maybe something along the lines of this pose from SL? I should get back there sometime - builds tend to change and evolve quite routinely, and sometimes vanish entirely, as with Taco, quite a popular furry hangout Back In The Day, with everything from a Taco Hell to a Great Glass Elevator. ^_^
Oh, yes, you've mentioned Grillstock - it sounds great!

Not only is that a nice pose, but you clearly have some kind of amazingly superior graphics card :) I haven't popped on to SL for a while, but I must find the time one of these evenings.