Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

What I Did At The Weekend

There are lots of nice things at Leeds Castle (that's Leeds, Kent, not the other one). As well as the castle itself there's a maze and a duckery and the world's largest public collection of dog collars. As in collars for dogs, not for vicars.

The early ones are fearsome iron affairs with three-inch spikes to protect their wearers while hunting boar, bear and other savage hairy creatures, but let a few centuries roll by and we find elaborate brass jobs lined with fur or leather and engraved with charming doggerel such as 'Stop me not but let me jog, for I am S. Oliver's dog', and many variations on the 'Whose dog are you?' theme. There are regimental collars for dogs serving with the armed forces, silver collars awarded for valorous deeds, good looks or skill at hare-coursing, Victorian beadwork collars and one manufactured from celluloid to look like a wing collar and tie.

addedentry wondered why 'duckery' has not been Latinized, like 'aviary'. I pointed out that this would make it an 'anary', which might sound a Bit Rude. Whether this is the real reason I do not know.

Sunday, we drove down to Hastings. The journey took 1h50m each way, along some very pretty roads, and coming back I did my first bit of motorway driving on the new scooter (for all of the five miles between Sevenoaks and Pratts Bottom).

Played on the beach, took the funicular railway up to the East Cliff, looked at the junk shops in the Old Town, and what could be a more sensible way to round off the hottest day of the year than DDR at the beachfront arcade? Having placed our Pint of Prawns carefully to one side first, of course (they were delicious, even after travelling back to Lewisham in a hot rucksack).

I'd just like to share this pic, by one of my favourite Lion King fan artists: it's The Simpsons as lions!
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