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...well, they're orange?

You Are a Carrot

You are bright and bold. You live a colorful life, and you never hold back when it comes to expressing yourself.
You are vivacious and spontaneous. You love to bounce your way through the world, and you especially love being outdoors.

You are very independent. While you like people, you can come off as aloof... you're into doing your own thing.
You have a positive outlook on life, and you keep things interesting. Your enthusiasm is contagious.



Same result for me — I don't think it really describes me very well at all, though.
For some reason I think of you more as a beetroot...
*grins* Thanks — I'll take that as a compliment.

I'm curious, though. Why a beetroot?
I don't know! It just popped into my head! Unexpectedly colourful on the inside, quite cute and a little bit odd?
Heh! Thank you! ^^
I'm broccoli! There's hardly a word of truth in the summary of my supposed attributes.
Broccoli, the...brainy vegetable?
Me got carrot too....not sure it fits me, though??

*hugs, to let you know that she still has a hold of that branch, and yer paw*

What else could a painted wolf be but bright and colourful?

It thinks I'm a mushroom. I knew that...
Phew, I thought that link was going to go to BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER...
I wouldn't be that cruel!
Aww shoot.