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Snow Fun

Laundrycat, East Dulwich

Night watch at the Wash & Dry.

Tortie cat snoozing in its basket atop an industrial washer.


Were you able to make contact/stroke him?
So adorable!
This was after hours and the launderette was closed - cat seemed happy enough in residence, though!
ARGH! I know of pub cats and bookshop cats and pet shop cats but laundrette cat? YAY!
Think of all the warm fabric to snuggle!
Awwwwwwwww!!!! So cute! I bet he's their Pest Control Executive :-)
...and working hard! ;)
Acting as a deterrent by mere presence, no doubt!
Cute kitty! Over here in the States, it's rare to have cats in businesses. I think the only place that has them is the ACE Hardware (one big, fat kitty) and their Agway counterpart (like an expensive pet/farm supply store) - unless it's chick season (which it is now - the farm stores are awash in little peeps!).

I noticed that your ex-large wash is 60p higher than mine. XD It's $5 USD to use the enormous machines here - I have a portable at home, so I only use them to do the huge coverlets.
£5.60 is a weirdly specific price!

I don't see that many creatures in shops, but I know of one local bookshop with its own dog.
There was one pub used for a month or two by the "One Tun" meet which had a small visible mouse population. Presumably the invisible mouse population was rather larger...