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Mallory Park


The weekend felt positively springlike, which makes a huge difference. Admittedly I didn't actually leave the house on Saturday, as I was first preparing lunch for an incoming jm_horse and Bastett (pancakes stuffed with leeks and ricotta, followed by rhubarb crumble) and then eating same while discussing furry, literature, motorbikes and other topics. My guests had kindly brought all the ingredients for Campari spritzers - down to the right sort of olive - which helped things along.

Also, atommickbrane's delivery of Dr Who DVDs arrived from the BBC Shop, which meant many other plans had to go on hold while we devoted ourselves to The Web of Fear.

I did get out on Sunday, first into Bromley to have coffee with my writing-group chum, then beyond into Kent to do a bit of the Pilgrim's Way and generally enjoy not being rained on. There was even enough light left when I got back to wash my bike. More of this, please!


Sounds like a good weekend. :)
Certainly was! Hope you had one too!
Looking forward to it already!