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Where Did The Weekend Go?

It was a weekend of beautiful weather, particularly on Sunday, which I spent on a bike club ride to a pub somewhere north of Chichester. 24 of us assembled, to travel in three groups, one of which I tail-ended. I chose well, because we got to the pub first. Excitement was provided by cyclists, horses, floody bits, and trying to avoid those other bikers whose machines had clearly come out of the garage for the first time since about September.

On Saturday I headed up to Birmingham to meet loganberrybunny and eliki, the latter for the first time. We met at Moor Street station and spent a pleasant day strolling the city's comic, book, toy and sweetie shops, as well as admiring the view from the ninth floor of the new library (though, sadly, the Glass Lift was out of action). We parted with hugs all round, and I hope there can be similar meetups soon.

Now I'm struggling a little with Monday, especially as I had to come in early to make the homepage live, and I forgot my elevenses.

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