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Husky Airways

Old Tech, New Tech

Late last night I remembered my portable airband radio - a present from my parents almost twenty years ago - and decided to see what I could pick up. I found both Heathrow and Gatwick, and was listening in to the conversations between tower and air when it occurred to me that I could also turn on the iPad and fire up the Flightradar24 app. Sure enough, I could hear Air Traffic Control instructing pilots to change speed, height or direction, then watch the little aircraft icons comply.

I'm sure this sort of thing is old news to moth_wingthane, but it was pretty exciting for me.


Hee! Yep, I did that a couple times shortly after receiving my Baofeng radio (great little handie, and dirt cheap, with the only significant caveat being that programming in channels - especially repeaters - is surprisingly awkward. Not overly surprising, as it's more intended for commercial and organisational use, where they're programmed en masse and handed out) - as you say, it's really pretty cool to be watching those icons move around the airport, lining up for their shot at the runway, or taxiing toward a gate.

Just wish I were on board a little more often. *sigh* Still, maybe finances will finally get back on an even keel this year, helped by a 10% rise from the last gig to this one. Still relatively modest, but it's a fabulous project again, and there's a whole lot to be said for being able to work from home full time. ^_^ (Though, I admit, I do miss the social aspect of most of the offices I've worked in in the past. And the sushi. ^_^ There was one sushi joint a modest walk from Orban, and another couple within a little drive away. Consequently, a friend and I would partake of fishy delights two or three times a week =:)
Airband on the Baofeng? O.o
Mine is too basic even for programming: a portable job with knobs. But fun!

At Fairford, they always sell tiny radios for a fiver, tuned to their ATC, and I always think "but I could only use it here"...but if I'd bought one e.g. 5 years ago, I would have got my money's worth by now.

I, too, would like to fly more often, and this would probably hold true no matter how much I did it!
Wonder if this is legal...
hehe Yes I do this often :D It also helps me find good photo opportunities :)