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I've Got A Ferret Sticking Up My Boot

A photo from Sunday. This is Jack:

Calgor's ferret, Jack


Awww. Now that is amazingly adorable.
I had ferret envy :(
I can imagine.

(And after seeing this picture, I'm not in the least bit surprised that ferret envy is a thing.)
Hmmm always been told ferrets umm well, to put it in a nice way they smell....right?
They do, but it's more in evidence in their beds than on their, er, persons.
Aww, look at its fluffy little bum!
I know!! (They had their winter coats on.)
Whew! For a moment I was afraid that was a euphemism. ¬.¬

If you don't know the song, I am obliged to point you here:


You're welcome!
So that's a Jackboot!
Anyone made a Jack Boot joke yet?


Eight hours too slow, apparently :)
New pet for you? :)
I would love to have ferrets! But if I could manage a ferret I could probably manage a cat, and I'd rather have a cat really.

(I said this to someone once and they sent me to YouTube to look at cats and ferrets playing together...)