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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Protection On Your Scooter, Scooter On Your Protection

I am constantly on the lookout for items with scooters on (see also huskies, biplanes), so imagine my excitement when I found this fine product:


(For the uninitiated, it is a little tin so that you may discreetly carry a sanitary towel around with you for emergencies.)

I posted a picture to the Modern Vespa forum, and as well as an amusing thread it resulted in requests for scooter tins from members in the USA. Consequently, I am well supplied with protection for the next six months or so.


LOL! That is so cool! :)


ps- when you get a chance, please do check out my LJ, if you haven't yet seen the post I made last night.. might interest you. :)
Saw it but didn't reply, as I was in a hurry on the iPad - how rude! Give the niece a kiss from neglectful auntie :)