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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

The Passenger

I'd got almost as far as Tulse Hill this morning when I noticed a small slug clinging to the outside of my windscreen, leaving a slimy trail and forcing me to inspect its loathsome underbelly.


Of course, even though I detest slugs I couldn't bring myself to just flick it off in the middle of the South Circular, so I dropped it off at Clapham Common while I was waiting at the lights. I'm sure its tales of adventure will impress all the, er, other hermaphrodites.


ARGH! I would have wanted to jump off the bike and do a runner. I am impressed by your presence of mind!
Had it been a spider I would have been much less calm!
There is no such thing as 'only one slug'. You will no doubt find [hisher] friends lurking elsewhere.
Hopefully they're not all living under my bike cover, ugh. (For a long time I used to find the same two snails in it every day. I felt terrible when I accidentally trod on one.)
Ooog. =:P

(Though this brings to mind a sort of UK remake of Turbo.. not a flick to pursue, though the quality of the cinematography was quite impressive in places - just a dreadfully limp script, born of a jumbled initial concept)
Maybe it's sitting on the pavement right now trying to thumb a lift, having picked up the need for speed...