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Plush Huskyteer

Happy 40th Bagpuss/OMG I'm So Old

I have Twitter to thank for the news that today marks the 40th anniversary of the first showing of Bagpuss. It was already into repeats when I watched it, thank you so much, and is among the first TV programmes I can remember watching avidly.

I'm not even going to try to explain Bagpuss. Either you were there, and you get it, or you weren't, and you don't. But part of me still hopes I will find Emily's shop some day.

And I challenge anyone who remembers the catpuss fondly to remain dry-eyed through this news item in which Baggers gets a birthday cuddle from Emily.


Sandra Kerr's son in law stayed at our house on Sunday night. I didn't meet him, because I had flu, but the others tell me that he was lovely. Sandra was the lady's who did the Bagpuss music, but then you knew that :-)
Gosh, no, I didn't! All the music was so good - incredibly nostalgic. It probably felt nostalgic when it first aired, as well - it was timeless.
For me the music felt very much of its time, but then I was just a bit younger than Emily when it came out. I had the first annual the Christmas that my brother was born, and saved it until my mum went into hospital to have something to take my mind off the excitement!

Sandra is lovely. She organises the Sidmouth Festival Choir every year.
Emily's cat Bagpuss
The most Important
The most Beautiful
The most Magical
Saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world
Beating off hot competition from the many other saggy old cloth cats in the world, there :)
An older BBC article has this great side-by-side image:

Emily Firmin and Bagpuss
Oh, now that is adorable!
I think this calls for a celebratory tune on the Marvellous, Mechanical Mouse Organ! =:D

Though I still find it a bit disconcerting that Bagpuss himself is pink and white. We didn't have a colour TV until I was about eight, so I just remember him as grey and white!
Funny - I don't remember having any such confusion over Bagpuss, yet I do remember watching some educational programme at school, having previously seen it at home, and being astonished that it was actually in colour!
I grew up on Bagpuss. Seminal viewing.
I think it made us nicer people.
40 years already! I remember watching that show whenever I used to go to my nan's house - plenty of fond memories there. And I used to call him "humbug cat" thanks to his colours. Not that humbugs are pink and white, mind you! :P

Ahh, one day I shall invent a chocolate biscuit machine that can create chocolate biscuits from butterbeans and breadcrumbs. And a dolphin with ears.
Pink and white marshmallows always make me think of Bagpuss :) And I hope you will share the output of your biscuit machine!
Oh I shall indeed. No point creating something like that if you can't share the proceeds! :)
Bagpuss rules. :-)
He's also an exception to my usual rule of disliking anything pink!
Good exception! :-)
I am off sick today, trying to do a little work and generally feeling awful (nothing serious just one of those colds that makes you feel disproportionately crap).

Our Bagpuss came and joined me on the sofa this morning in case I needed a cuddle now and again, and is making everything much better.

(Both Chris and I had cuddly Bagpusses when we moved in together. Chris' 'puss lives on our bed and is known as Bagpuss. Mine lives in the spare room, to look after guests, and is known as Sparepuss.)
I would enjoy staying in your spare room a lot :) Glad the cuddles are helping.
Been watching bagpuss lots recently with Owen - hadn't realised about the anniversary!
I'm glad he's being shared with the next generation!
I got a duet of "we will fix it" in lieu of speeches at our commitment ceremony. :)

Being deaf, most of Bagpuss went over my head as a kid and even though I now have it on DVD and the kids like it, there's still NO BLOODY SUBTITLES! Annoying BBC....
Aww :)

Bagpuss probably makes just as much sense without the narration (if not more), but shame on the Beeb!
Given all the cast are still apparently around, I wonder if there's any chance at all of someone with similar passion as Oliver Postgate embarking on producing new adventures? Still just stop-motion, exactly as the originals. It could, conceivably, even be crowd-funded directly, rather than relying on a broadcaster's sponsorship, though getting them aired would be a strong positive point - though is there really any one venue that remains prominent for children's broadcasting, in this age of a thousand channels over terrestrial digital, satellite, cable, and net? (Mind, that hasn't hurt MLP:FiM!)
A possibility, apparently - but strictly no CGI!