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I've been catsitting over in East London this week, hanging out with lozette's cat Smudge while she, lucky thing, was in Orlando.

Smudge is a large black-and-white longhair who was very little trouble, followed me around, slept on the bed and was flatteringly pleased to see me when I got in from work. Occasionally he'd chomp down on my arm for no apparent reason, but this was more than balanced out by some very tender hair-licking. I had a nice chilled-out time eating all the goodies my hosts had provided, and while my commute was longer, it did take me past the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

To my enormous embarrassment, Laura and Matt arrived home earlier than expected this morning and caught me in the middle of breakfast. Better than being in bed, but having people in your home is pretty low on the list of desirables when you've just returned from an overnight transatlantic flight, nor had I got round to washing up/cleaning the loo/brushing the cat and the many other helpful things I'd planned to do before leaving. On the plus side, it meant I could receive presents from Disneyworld!

I was quite sorry to say goodbye to my furry charge, even though he'd decided at a quarter to three in the morning that my face needed washing (in fairness, it probably did).

Here is the photo I emailed to his ever-lovin' humans to reassure them that I was installed and all was well:

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