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Those Musketeers

It will come as no surprise to anybody that I was quite interested in the BBC's new Musketeers (even though I would have forgotten to watch them without callmemadam's prompting). What did come as a surprise to me was how much I liked it. I think it might be my second-favourite adaptation.

The bits faithful to the novel are really well done, and the new bits are fitting and thrilling enough not to offend my sensibilities. I particularly enjoyed the dynamic of Monsieur de Treville as police chief and the trio as brilliant and beloved but unruly officers, and hope there will be more of this. There's some gorgeous scenery porn, too, with lots of galloping through snowy forests.

Casting, from my point of view, was spot on, since Aramis was the hottest thing on screen at all times. Porthos and d'Artagnan also look just how they ought, though Athos seems a bit bland, and I liked Treville a lot. As for Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu...brrr.

It is quite hard not to picture them all as dogs, though. The King's hairstyle didn't help; at one point I said "Oh, you stupid spaniel!" to him out loud.


I must admit, I did enjoy the show a lot. I don't honestly know a huge amount about the Musketeers (it's been a very long time since I saw the legendary Dogtanian cartoon and I can't remember much about the actual storyline itself) but it was a great way to be reintroduced to it all. Capaldi was indeed very ominous and the kings fine locks were rather interesting... :o
I'm really excited about having something I want to watch on TV. It's so rare these days!
OH MAN you guys get all the good shows.

Wonder if I can stream it on Hulu or something so I can watch it.
There's BBC America or something, isn't there? Hope you get hold of it somehow!
Yeah, but that's a cable channel and I only get what comes over the air as digital. Dang it! I can always borrow my friend's netflix though.
I absolutely loved it - tosh, but hugely entertaining and beautifully made tosh. The most fun I;'ve seen on the box in months.

I too remember the Muskehounds...
It's so long since there was something on terrestrial I really enjoyed and made a date for the next episode with!
Hm! I may have to give it a try. I'm not generally taken by historical settings (I'm very much a futuristic bunny), but executed with style, such can be tremendously entertaining, as the Princess Bride proved so very well. ^_^

There! sabNZB is merrily plucking it out of the aether.

Ooh, and Capaldi as Richlieu? Mm, I can so easily see that. (Must not think of sonic screwdrivers..)