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Black on white on fire

I like Pop Art and Op Art and stuff, so I was very keen to see the Bridget Riley exhibition at Tate Britain.

Wonderful stuff - the paintings seemed to ripple, bulge and ridge as you moved, an effect caused purely by use of line, shape and colour and the way the eye communicates with the brain. Stare at one for a while then look at the blank white walls of the gallery and you could enjoy it all over again in a different colour scheme. As the artist started painting in the 1960s, I'm amazed she wasn't snapped up to do album covers.

The pictures reminded me of the 'is the red or green stripe brighter?' test beloved of opticians; and speaking of which, if you wear strong glasses and experience chromatic aberration when looking out of the edges of them, a whole new dimension is added.

I would not like to be a gallery attendant for this one. They must have to take frequent breaks to rest their eyes.

We bought a black and white geometric print to hang above our black and white geometric-print sofa. Yowzer.

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