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Crying In The Rain

Well, I guess you can all guess what I'm sad about this morning: the death of Phil Everly at 74.

I got interested in the Everly Brothers because they were a big influence on Simon & Garfunkel, but soon came to love them in their own right. They were special guests when I saw Simon & Garfunkel in Oakland back in 2003, then in 2005 I was able to see them give a fabulous show all of their own at the Bournemouth International Centre, in the company of fellow-fan kowarth. (My parents, it turned out, had also seen them play the BIC, almost exactly 20 years earlier.)

This reminds me I still haven't obtained a copy of Two Yanks in London, which my dad recommended as one of their best albums.

There is no Kentucky bourbon in the house, or that's what I'd be raising a glass of tonight.
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