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Out with the Old

Howard came up for New Year's Eve, and around 10PM we strolled over to bother some local friends and their cat. We sat around talking bikes and eating snacks, with a bottle of fizzy wine from Kent for midnight, and rolled home at 1:30 after a sloe gin for the road. I seem to have transitioned effortlessly from an age when staying up till midnight was excitement enough in itself to an age when what I really want to do to welcome the new year in is get quietly drunk with a few good friends. And that's just fine.

Now, time to change the calendar over. Goodbye, Siberian Huskies 2013! Hello, South East Air Show at Manston Souvenir Calendar 2014!

Is it just me who always checks new calendars to see if I get a good picture for my birthday month? This year, I get a red biplane :)

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