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Secret Agent Dog


My 2013 as bitesize chunks in delicious meaty jelly.


I went to a furry convention and an erotica writers' conference. At the first of these I read my own work aloud and signed books for people, and went to my first room party. I visited two new countries and a new US state. I was published in Twist & Go, on [adjective][species] and Claw & Quill. I helped with the selection process for an anthology.


An exciting year, with a bike trip to Slovenia and Croatia as well as the regular Bike Normandy weekend. I spent a week in Maryland with my friend Rick, the editor of webBikeWorld.com. I also went to Wales twice, with the X9 Forum in May and with the London Advanced Motorcyclists in September.


I graded to brown belt first kyu. Unrelatedly, I gave blood four times. I had a pawful of furry stories accepted for upcoming anthologies. I won NaNoWriMo. I had a brilliant double birthday celebration, with a movie in the rain and an evening in the pub. I read 55 books, not counting the ones consumed over lunch breaks in the children's section of Waterstones.


I didn't get a permanent job and I didn't succeed in moving out of front-end dev. In writing, I didn't edit the longer works that have been sitting around in first-draft stage all year, and I didn't produce anything aimed at children. I didn't acquire any new pets (which is just as well since my bastard landlord has suddenly banned them).

2014 Goals

On the writing front, this has been very much the year of the furry short story, because publishers in that area actually seem to want my stuff. Next year I will concentrate more on longer works, on editing what I have already, and on stories for juvenile humans. I will still write furry shorts, as it were, but only the stories that really appeal rather than scattergun 'must be in ALL THE ANTHOLOGIES'.

Go on exciting bike trips, write them up and get them published. (Did I mention that my Slovenia writeup is available on and offline in the current edition of South East Biker? cos it is.)

With friends moving to San Francisco and Norway, perhaps some other exciting travel as well.

Get a more content/editorial orientated job, and up the writing towards give-up-the-day-job levels (a slow WIP).

Make progress towards that black belt.

I should probably also try to eat less cheese and clean the kitchen more regularly, but let's not go crazy here.


What a fine-looking year! (I now feel mildly inadequate ;)
It feels more impressive squished into a single post than it did when spread out over 365 days, for sure! I'm aware that I have the same goals every year and that progress towards them is glacial...
Glacial or not, it's progress! As someone with similar (though smaller-scale) writing goals, I definitely admire your acheivements!
Thank you, and good luck with yours! I'm envious of your triangle - it sounds a good one.
Happy new year! These seem like good achievemnts, as well.
Thank you, and happy new year to you!
Seeing quite so much condensed rather nudges me toward trying to distill my own year accordingly, I admit. ^_^;

Ah, so you are (for now?) web dev? The roomie asked the other night, and had to confess to not being entirely sure, but thinking that was your current engagement. Still, as gigs go, it sounds like it’s pretty bearable, ne?

Ooh, anyone else we know who’s winding up in SF? I know bunnyhalberd just did, though not internationally. (Ah, I do wish I could’ve been there to greet them.. still, I know if I were to land something back in the Bay, I’d then be stuck with the trouble of then finding wild buns very much more difficult to photograph. And, somehow, that side of things has come to figure in my life - not only buns, of course, but.. I really feel they’re such an underestimated lot, not to mention adorable =:)

Are you quite certain that eating less cheese is a positive? =:)

(Though, seriously, I’ll be embarking on the second half of the diet in 2014, returning to my preferred weight. And cheese is, tragically, a “once a week” thing, along with beer and cider. With any luck, I’ll be done with that somewhere around July)

BTW, have you considered attending Loncon3 in August? Seems like it’s shaping up to be one of the largest Worldcons of recent years - and Bryan Talbot is one of the GoHs. ^_^

Oh, that Slovenia/Croatia trip. =:D I really need to see that part of the world again.. mind, I can say that of a fair few other locations, not least San Francisco, Sydney, and Singapore. I don’t know how much traveling I’ll manage this year, but I strongly hope it’s much more than 2013 or 2012 offered. You don’t have any secret travel agency connections, by any chance? =:)

I shouldn't complain about my job - it pays the bills and I like my colleagues - but I definitely have a job rather than a career, IYSWIM.

I am certainly considering LonCon - I suspect many of my friends will be going, and how often does something like that arrive right on my doorstep?

SF friend is a school chum and I would be surprised if you knew each other, though anything is possible.