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Christmas husky

Merry Christmas, LiveJournal!

Work released me at 2:30 and I had a good journey down to Dorset, with wet roads but bright skies, and the A roads I favoured all to myself. That is, until the A31 was closed by flooding ten minutes from journey's end. After an unscheduled tour of Ferndown, plus a stop at kowarth's to drop off a small item, I arrived soon after 5. So far callmemadam has told me off for a) wearing motorcycle boots in the house and b) sniggering at the phrase 'knob of butter', I've had the end of the Yule log, my best mate has dropped round to exchange presents, and now I am polishing off my annual whiskey mac before heading to bed. And tomorrow, this:

Merry Christmas!



Hahaha! We always laugh at knobs of butter.

Merry Christmas both of you!
And to you! I hope it is cosy and relaxing, also fun.
Wow, what a pile of loot :) I hope you both have a fabulous time opening them tomorrow. Happy Christmas!
We always go 'is this ALL for US!?'

Thank you!
Nice loot! Hope you got/will get what you wanted. :)

I don't know what a "whiskey mac" is, but if it involves whisk(e)y, it's obviously something good.
It's half and half whiskey and ginger wine, and very Christmassy! Thank you, and I'm glad you're having a successful Christmas.
Sounds nice! And thanks — I'm glad, too.
Merry Christmas :)
Have a good one!
You too! Merry Christmas!
Have a good 'un!
You too! Take lots of photos!
Glad you got home safely. Happy Christmas!
Thank you! Hope you're having a good one!
Hope you're having a great day. I look frward to unravelling your small mystery after dinner :D
Sorry I missed you yesterday - speak soon!
A merry Christmas I wish to Husky Galore
and further I wish her to have many more
What could be nicer than to know a husky so clever?
In internet years, I've known you forever

May you have visions of scooters and visions of spies
and visions of vintage planes taking the skies
Sugar plum fairies? Bah, sissy stuff!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a "Ruff, ruff!"

-The Gneech
I...don't think anyone has ever written me a Christmas poem before :) I love it!

Hope you and your 2- and 4-legged family are having a festive time.
Merry Christmas!
And to you, with bells on!
And to yoooooooooooooou!
Work released me at 2:30

Now, all I can hear is “Release the hounds!” =:)

Did you manage to take any photos of the floods? I wish I’d had the opportunity to take some of the line out of Bath, via Freshford - some fabulously dramatic scenes! Not to belittle the difficulties, but ye gods, really quite beautiful.

As was, I engaged in some rapid chopping & changing of the route, with South West seeming like they might flake out (and did), leaving me unexpectedly hopping on a Bath train, before getting a bit closer to my intended destination. All sort of fun, though, and I did get to see the river way higher than I’ve known there, as demonstrated in that pano I posted last night.

(Will I be able to get back on Friday? What new adventure awaits? =:)
There weren't many opportunities - the floods I passed were more annoying than impressive. I did see a bloke with a camera at the flooded A31 roundabout, but by that point I really just wanted to get where I was going.

Good luck today!