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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

In Other News

My standing in LJ's Top Journals has recently leapt from a lowly four-figure digit to the mid-400s. Who are you all and what do you think you're looking at?


LJ's Top Journals

Have I been missing this list for ages? Where is it?

You need to be opted in to the feature in your privacy settings to be listed, though ("Ratings: [X] This account participates in the Ratings feature. If activated, popular public entries may appear on the LJ homepage").
Oh, that thing. I see now. I never opted in, and don't really feel like doing so.
Aye, me neither — pity, almost, as it would've been interesting to see how I rank.
Neat to see where things are.
On the homepage under Search LJ, I get 'huskyteer, your current position in the Top Journals is: 467'.
Aha! I never opted into it, so Frith knows what my position would be. A lot lower, I know that much!