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south park

In Other News

My standing in LJ's Top Journals has recently leapt from a lowly four-figure digit to the mid-400s. Who are you all and what do you think you're looking at?


I'm 9871! It's a big number. I don't know that it means very much, though.
Usually, every time I post something I drop a hundred or so places. A fortnight's silence has raised me to these heady heights.
Given how quiet LJ is these days, perhaps all you need to do in order to reach number one is still be here when the previous number one gives up.
I'd second this. And I have no idea where I am. :D
Last LJer standing! That might well be me, still sitting here talking to myself after everyone else buggers off.
I used to say I'd never leave LJ. Trouble is with what time I have and the small amount of people left, I very rarely have time to check here after checking the other places my friends are.
Doesn't help that I disagreed with what the staff were doing with LJ either. I forget why now, but I went over to Dreamwidth for my actual posting, and only log in here for friends list/commenting.
It's a horrible shame :(
I don't Facebook, so this is still the best place for me. I find Dreamwidth a bit holier-than-thou, but then it took me ages to migrate from Deadjournal to Livejournal, so I guess I'm just loyal/lazy.
Really? I've never found it so, there again I don't bother with their community, I just use it as a stand to post from really. I know the last time LJ made me shake my head in despair was the same day I got my 'your paid account expires soon!' email... so I voted with my feet and didn't bother renewing, and just said in the post that was why. I never intended to let my journal go to the crickets and tumbleweed, but when I go out into my friends list these days, that's most of what there is. When I venture into communities its all stupid drama or uninteresting or just ZOMG POPULAR TAT. LJ doesn't really cater to the likes of me anymore, conversations with a lot of people in coms seems bland (if they bother replying!) and I really went off LJ when I started to notice places getting a bit more judgmental in general. The mod of the art coms I used to frequent are a definite for that last one. LJ is these days, the same as everywhere else :(
LJ's Top Journals

Have I been missing this list for ages? Where is it?

You need to be opted in to the feature in your privacy settings to be listed, though ("Ratings: [X] This account participates in the Ratings feature. If activated, popular public entries may appear on the LJ homepage").
Oh, that thing. I see now. I never opted in, and don't really feel like doing so.
Aye, me neither — pity, almost, as it would've been interesting to see how I rank.
Neat to see where things are.
On the homepage under Search LJ, I get 'huskyteer, your current position in the Top Journals is: 467'.
Aha! I never opted into it, so Frith knows what my position would be. A lot lower, I know that much!
Superb. Thank you so much!
I'm not sure who I am,
but it hasn't stopped me from looking!
Good to know you're out there, buddy! *hugs*