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My Work Here Is Done

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself this lunchbox in IKEA, because in what universe am I not going to buy myself an orange lunchbox shaped like a dog's head? (Link currently throwing Java errors, well done IKEA.)

Yesterday no fewer than three of my coworkers, one of whom has never spoken to me before, came over while I was eating my sandwiches to tell me how cute and cheering it is.




You obviously have more coworkers than I do! If I had never spoken to one of my (four) coworkers, that would have got a little sociall awkward by now.

Too bad they don't do a duck lunchbox!
It's a small enough place for me to know everyone by sight, but big enough that I'm nowhere near knowing all the names.

Leave IKEA a duck-lunchbox hint in their suggestion box!
Adorable! Why haven't I seen this in the Wednesbury branch!?
It's in Children's IKEA - but if you're anything like me, that's the first place you look anyway!
Ar, I've got a shed ton of toy foxes from there over the years (Well, one huge one and a smaller one with a baby) and a really nice blue star shaped lampshade thing with holes in it to let the lights through. I get more happy in the kids dept than anything else (Their room setups make me and the brotherling whimper that 'thats just what I'd have had if only we hadn't have been stuck sharing well into our 20s' then we go and squeal over the wooden toys, the stuffed toys, and those cute little wardrobes! :D
I have a weasel and a husky!
OMG totes adorbs.