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Trapped in a Timesink

Much of my time recently, both spare and otherwise, has been consumed by Doctor Who Legacy, available for iOS and Android at the low low price of free. It's a heady mix of Bejeweled and Pokemon in which you assemble a team of Doctor and Companions, raise their stats, then unleash their awesome powers by, er, matching coloured jewels. The early levels had some semblance of a plot about Sontarans messing with the time stream, but this soon fell by the wayside in favour of zapping the Ood.

As is the case when I play Pokemon, my team focuses more on characters I like than on tactics and logistics, consisting at the moment of the 11th Doctor (in biker costume), Madame Vastra, Strax, Porridge, K9 Mark 2 and a UNIT Medic. Completing some levels may grant you a new character, or a new outfit to dress them up in. Or it may not; I must have played the Strax level getting on for fifty times before he randomly unlocked. There's currently an advent calendar promotion with daily freebies, and we have been promised a playable 7th Doctor before December is out.

You can throw money at the game if you wish - my flatmate paid for access to the fan area, allowing her to have Winston Churchill on her team - but you're not penalised for keeping it free. If you have too much leisure time and don't like sleeping, give it a download.
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