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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Phestive Photos

Behold the awesome power of the iPad camera, which I have barely used so far!

Package ready for dispatch to le_loup_peint and raja_laba_laba. This is the sort of thing that happens when I am

allowed a silver Sharpie.

£4 from IKEA. Flatpack, natch; carried home on the back of my scooter like the world's biggest pizza.

As you can see, I have bought kowarth a fez. (Not really.)



thank the maker, from the scale I feel it is not voluminous enough :p
It's bigger on the inside.
I really want one of those trees! I shall have to investigate. Also I like your scooter decoration.
Thank you! The tree would be improved by lights, I think.
Aww, those little husky drawings are cute.

Also, that's gotta be the most minimal tree I've ever seen!
That beats the friend I have whose tree is a bare branch spray-painted with purple glitter.
That's... different!
My boyfriend once hung up a single holly twig...
A friend described it as 'vortex-like' :) Ad thanks! Dogs sideways on are just about the only things I can draw...
omg dalek ornaments. This tree WINS Xmas!
XD They were a special offer from the BBC shop on Cyber[man] Monday. Snagged soooo fast!

I still can't believe how long it took me to notice each image/saying! (I think I was overwhelmed with child-like excitement!) ;) I did notice the "howler" right away, though. :) And the comments about the animals had me in fits of giggles. :)

Thanks sooooo much for your thoughtfullness! The gifts have been placed next to our little tree! So looking forward to what awaits within! :)

*hugs and snugs*
Hope you like! ^.^
Tree, thats not a tree! Thats a physics thingy!

However very nice paper!
It has been described as a vortex! And thank you!