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My custom userhead has expired, so I have picked another one. I'm an Eskimo now. Er, Inuit. Dude in a parka. Look, the important point is that huskies are involved, OK?


Nice one. :) And "dude in a parka" is probably the best term; not everyone who lives up there is an Inuit, either, and I've heard it said that e.g. the Yupik dislike being called "Inuit" (it's like calling a Briton a Frenchman) and actually prefer the term "Eskimo".
It was a question on QI recently, and the idiot buzzer went off for the poor chap who said 'Inuit', but I can't remember what the right answer was!
I figure the point of QI is to give interesting and (hopefully) informed answers to questions which often don't really have a correct answer...
Mine dropped off too - I will browse their selection to see what they have.