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Dogfight [by the_gneech]

Corps at War

Last night I went to a talk on 'The Royal Flying Corps at War: The Early Years' at the Royal Aeronautical Society, which seemed an appropriate activity for Poppy Day. The speaker, David Rowland, was flying Concordes before I was born, and appeared in the Timewatch documentary on Mannock and McCudden, Aces Falling.

His subject was the formation and structure of the Royal Flying Corps, along with its significant early developments, aircraft and characters, all of which are often overlooked in favour of the later, more glamorous dogfighting era. He ended with the story of two pioneers in the field of aviation radio, pointing out that both had been killed before the Red Baron had even learned to fly.

It's always inspiring to hear a lecturer who really knows and loves their stuff, and his perspective gives me ideas for some Great War air adventures that haven't been done to death. Do check out the RAeS's events calendar if you have even a passing interest in aviation; there are branches all over the country, talks are usually free, and their London HQ is a splendid building decorated throughout with aeronautical paintings and models.


Of course, I immediately saw "corpse at war" and started thinking of...