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Something So Right

Songs For Bobby

On Friday evening I hit the Borderline, one of my favourite venues, with mrs_leroy_brown, one of my favourite gig buddies, to see The Dylan Project. We had no idea what to expect, but figured it would be hard to go wrong with an evening of Bob Dylan covers.

We had our doubts when the singer announced that his first number would be a song he himself had written about Bob Dylan, and at his singing it in a Dylanesque voice, but we soon got into it.

The singer turned out to be a talented channeler of Dylan, not just doing impressions but throwing in little improvisations and monologues. Doing his sound check in the form of talking blues was a particularly excellent feat. The band were a talented bunch, and clearly having a good time. Tempo and instruments were faithful to the Dylan style without slavishly following the album cuts.

I was slightly annoyed by the guy behind me, who insisted on naming each track as soon as he recognised it (I could do that too, but I didn't feel the need to show off about it.) He would have sung along in my ear if his wife hadn't shushed him. Still, we had a nice chat in the interval and Bec and I were hardly blameless on the karaoke front, providing backing vocals to 'You Gotta Serve Somebody'.

We were both disappointed not to get anything from Blood On The Tracks, but I was pleased when 'Man in the Long Black Coat' came up shortly after I'd named Oh Mercy as a favourite album. 'Not Dark Yet', from 1997's Time Out Of Mind, was the most recent number and another favourite of mine.

"You've heard it a thousand times, but it's still a good 'un." It was 'Like A Rolling Stone', a crowd-pleasing chorus-joiner to mark the end of the show. Bec and I sang each other the bit about the Siamese cat. They were allowed to squeeze in one more song, then it was time to find our respective directions home.


Oh wow, Steve Gibbons! He was the very, very first gig I went to, at a pub in Stoke on Trent more years ago than I dare recall. He mostly did his own stuff like "Eddy Vortex" and "Tupelo Mississippi Flash" (ok, I know that was a cover), but even then he ended with "Like A Rolling Stone" and did it awesomely!
Good golly - I had not heard of him at all, in my ignorance!
Ah, well, you're not from the Midlands where he was something of a fixture on the local music circuit as far back as the 1960s (when he was in Brumbeat group The Uglys). His 1970s albums as the Steve Gibbons Band are well worth digging out, if you can find them.
Thank you again for a brilliant evening :) I think you are allowed to karaoke the backing vocals, esp if the song is gospelly like You Gotta Serve Somebody :D

Long live the Borderline and brill gig chums!
Dylan karaoke? I could do that!
There was only one I didn't recognise, and the know-it-all behind me didn't know it either (What's A Sweetheart Like You Doing In A Dump Like This?)