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I love a good firework display and have seen many in my time, but until Howard took me to the Tank Museum's effort on Saturday night I had never witnessed a bonfire lit by a Leopard tank.

In fact whatever pyrotechnic trick was supposed to occur when the tank fired its gun failed to work and a bloke had to do it with a match, but the concept was sound (although I felt a flamethrower would have been better). The towering bonfire blazed, the guy made by a local primary school burned away to nothing in seconds, and as the flames died down we enjoyed a parade of tanks and other armoured vehicles - Challenger, Saladin, Warrior, menacing in the flickering light. As a finale, the last and mightiest, an Armoured Recovery Vehicle, rolled over a scrap car as if it wasn't there and crushed it flat.

The fireworks themselves were very lovely, starting unannounced and making everyone stop and stare up. It was freezing cold, which was as it should be; it feels wrong when November is mild and you can go out to a bonfire without your woolly hat and gloves. There were multicoloured explosions, crackles and fizzes of light, and, of course, that lovely, lovely smell. We watched the sky until the last pop and bang, then headed back to the car. On the way, we found a stall selling hot mulled cider.


a flamethrower would have been better

One of these then!
Aww yeah!!
One of Hobart's Funnies (highly specialised armoured vehicles), which were fascinating to read about when I was building Airfix and Matchbox kits.
Glad you had a good one! :-)
Thanks! I can take or leave Hallowe'en but I love a good Bonfire Night (even if it's a few days early!).