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Out Of My League

I Kickstarted the hell out of indie dog-team-manager game Dog Sled Saga, and today gained access to the beta version, which I have been playing happily all evening. Am I hooked? Well, there's a strong possibility I'll see pixelated dogs on the backs of my eyelids when I turn the light off tonight.

One of the rewards for my level of sponsorship, as well as a T-shirt and other goodies, was the chance to name a dog in the game, so imagine my delight when the selection screen came up with this:

Dog Sled Saga

Note that, ironically, I cannot afford myself. I am out of my own league.
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I am out of my own league.

That's okay. you can save up and then you can afford yourself! :D

I shall say nothing more, lest I incur wrath. ^_^
One of the other possibilities is 'Bottomless Pit', which is a bit more me!

Can't argue with 'good catch' either :P

Edited at 2013-11-03 10:39 pm (UTC)