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Sugar Rush

Hallowe'ens spent eating sugary stuff until you feel ill are absent from my precious childhood memories. Trick or Treat wasn't a big thing around here in my youth, nor did my parents really approve of it; besides, I simply wasn't that sort of child. Presented with a bucket of sweeties on October 31st, I would have made it last till Christmas.

Today, though, I got to experience something of how it might have been.

The office Hallowe'en Bakeoff caused a lot of excitement, giggling and plotting, and a Wednesday night spent in industrious London-wide baking. (I actually did my baking on Tuesday night, because yesterday evening I was meeting ggreig for a meal and catchup at the Tower Bridge Wetherspoons, hurra hurra.)

The ecommerce team, or 'Nightmare on Derry Street' as we christened ourselves, did good. I'd been proud of my gingerbread cats and mice, but they were eclipsed by a green graveyard cake, finger biscuits with almond nails, another cake that dripped blood (artistically arranged with a knife plunged into its heart), and chocolate frogs painstakingly done up in little packets with an authentic Harry Potter wizard card.

We were narrowly beaten by the Accounts Draculas, but there was so much cake (so much food colouring! so many E numbers!) that nobody could really be said to have lost. When I got home I had to eat a bowl of wholemeal pasta with olives and anchovies, as a counterpoint.

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