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Portrait Illustration Maker

Sugar Rush

Hallowe'ens spent eating sugary stuff until you feel ill are absent from my precious childhood memories. Trick or Treat wasn't a big thing around here in my youth, nor did my parents really approve of it; besides, I simply wasn't that sort of child. Presented with a bucket of sweeties on October 31st, I would have made it last till Christmas.

Today, though, I got to experience something of how it might have been.

The office Hallowe'en Bakeoff caused a lot of excitement, giggling and plotting, and a Wednesday night spent in industrious London-wide baking. (I actually did my baking on Tuesday night, because yesterday evening I was meeting ggreig for a meal and catchup at the Tower Bridge Wetherspoons, hurra hurra.)

The ecommerce team, or 'Nightmare on Derry Street' as we christened ourselves, did good. I'd been proud of my gingerbread cats and mice, but they were eclipsed by a green graveyard cake, finger biscuits with almond nails, another cake that dripped blood (artistically arranged with a knife plunged into its heart), and chocolate frogs painstakingly done up in little packets with an authentic Harry Potter wizard card.

We were narrowly beaten by the Accounts Draculas, but there was so much cake (so much food colouring! so many E numbers!) that nobody could really be said to have lost. When I got home I had to eat a bowl of wholemeal pasta with olives and anchovies, as a counterpoint.


"Trick or treating" wasn't a thing when I was growing up either, but we had guising - much the same thing, but without the "trick" aspect, which has always seemed a bit mean to me even if it's seldom to never followed through upon. We had to perform a party piece. I remember reciting "The Horny Golloch", and I was impressed to get the full witches scene from Macbeth performed on the doorstep a few years ago.

Hurra hurra to seeing you too! :-)
Now 'guising' I only know from the Sam Pig stories! If I ever got guisers I'd be disappointed they weren't otters :)
We did guising this year year, for the first time. I much prefer the idea that you do a trick to get your treat. Daughter said we had to take treats too, so we made cookies. We only went to one house, friend's.Daughter practised a dance but got shy, so she told a joke instead:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Doctor Who

Doctor who looks after people
It made me smile :-)

We didn't go to a lot of places when I was wee; largely parents' friends. (Of course the houses of friends my age were likely to be empty, as they were out doing the same thing.)
finger biscuits with almond nails

Hah, I like that. In fact, all the cake sounds great!
I didn't have my camera - I must nab a photo off someone!
Ooh, please do!
I think E.T. was pretty much my first encounter with Trick or Treat...