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Claw & Quill

Furthering my quest to conquer the entire furry lit-o-sphere (next up: THE WORLD), I'm delighted to have written one of the articles featured in the inaugural edition of Claw & Quill, a new online furry magazine. I'm especially delighted to be sharing the spotlight with chipotle and kyellgold, a brace of furry writers who as far as I'm concerned are Doin It Right with bells on. (And I'm also pleased the Ed left my R.E.M. joke in.)

You can go directly to Issue #1 or to my article, Pup Fiction: 'If you’re looking for mainstream anthropomorphic literature, head for the children’s section. Space Penguins, Ninja Meerkats, and their potential implications for the next generation of furries.' Hat tip to loganberrybunny, who didn't know it but whose birthday present gave me the idea in the first place!
Tags: furry, writing

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