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The Bunny of Avon

On Sunday I rode over to Stratford-upon-Avon for my more or less annual meetup with loganberrybunny (these meets would be more frequent if we were both a bit better at sorting it out). I travelled in mixed weather, to say the least, but arrived to glorious sunshine. Following a restorative coffee and catchup at Costa, bunny and I decided to take advantage of the sun and stroll along the riverbank.

We crossed to the other side on the chain ferry, a journey which takes under a minute and costs 50p. The ferry itself was built in 1937 and rejoices in the name of 'Malvolio'. He was surrounded by rowing-boats named after Shakespearean women, and I thought it must be nice for Malvolio to have a harem. Or do they tease him by floating just beyond his captive reach?

Returning to the busy bridge area in search of lunch, we found a chippy and enjoyed a brace of battered sausages each before pottering around the shops. From this point the sky got darker and darker, so it was a question of when, not if, it would rain. We ran out of luck while exploring the market, and made for Hooray's ice cream parlour. Here we spent a pleasant hour eating ice cream (salted caramel, in my case; blueberry cheesecake, in Logan's) and watching less fortunate souls scurry along the wet pavement.

At last the rain eased enough for us to make a dash for station and motorcycle park respectively, and I had a splendid double rainbow to look at as I rode back towards the M40.


It's great to hear that it went so well, after the Saturday plans didn't quite... well, go to plan. And it's good to know you liked Stratford too. I haven't been there for years, but I remember it was a very nice little place, though it's a shame that (if I remember right) the Teddy Bear museum has had to close. I wonder if the Christmas shop was still there too, near to a statue of a jester. I shall have to consult Google Maps!

EDIT - Nope, looks like both the teddy museum and the Christmas shop have gone. It's a real shame that another shop has gone from there, called Wild And Wooly, which was opposite Shakeys birthplace. They were plushy specialists and had a huge range of really nice plushies - skunks, rabbits, cats, dogs...

Edited at 2013-10-21 03:48 pm (UTC)
The Christmas shop was still there -- or at least a Christmas shop was: we went into it! I don't remember a plushie shop, though.
I'm sorry we missed Wild & Wooly - I'm sure our sensors would have detected it had it still been around!

Stratford is the perfect place for strolling and shopping and eating, which made it ideal for this sort of meetup :)
Aha! Then the Christmas shop must have moved. That's good news, knowing it's still there then. No, the Wild & Wooly shop closed down about 7 or 8 years ago, which was a shame because I brought quite a lot of kitty plushies from there.
Your mood icon is broken! It should be at http://www.alice.dryden.co.uk/moodicons/happy.gif but it isn't.
Having website woes - I'm waiting to be given control of the domain name. But you're right - I should move them over to huskyteer.co.uk. (I keep thinking the problem will be sorted in a couple of weeks and then it isn't!)