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The Bunny of Avon

On Sunday I rode over to Stratford-upon-Avon for my more or less annual meetup with loganberrybunny (these meets would be more frequent if we were both a bit better at sorting it out). I travelled in mixed weather, to say the least, but arrived to glorious sunshine. Following a restorative coffee and catchup at Costa, bunny and I decided to take advantage of the sun and stroll along the riverbank.

We crossed to the other side on the chain ferry, a journey which takes under a minute and costs 50p. The ferry itself was built in 1937 and rejoices in the name of 'Malvolio'. He was surrounded by rowing-boats named after Shakespearean women, and I thought it must be nice for Malvolio to have a harem. Or do they tease him by floating just beyond his captive reach?

Returning to the busy bridge area in search of lunch, we found a chippy and enjoyed a brace of battered sausages each before pottering around the shops. From this point the sky got darker and darker, so it was a question of when, not if, it would rain. We ran out of luck while exploring the market, and made for Hooray's ice cream parlour. Here we spent a pleasant hour eating ice cream (salted caramel, in my case; blueberry cheesecake, in Logan's) and watching less fortunate souls scurry along the wet pavement.

At last the rain eased enough for us to make a dash for station and motorcycle park respectively, and I had a splendid double rainbow to look at as I rode back towards the M40.
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